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Backing Library Services with Open Source Applications – Leading Edge Libraries

This presentation was shared at the Leading Edge Libraries Conference, hosted by the Florida-Caribbean Chapter of the Special Libraries Association, on September 21, 2017.

Summary: There is a common misperception that a librarian needs to have well developed computer and technology skills in order to successfully adopt open source solutions in the library. More often than not, a librarian with intermediate computer skills can begin to implement open source. Hear from a librarian who started with basic web design and coding skills and went on to lead the migrations and/or adoptions of at least five major open source applications including integrated library systems, learning management systems, and institutional repositories. This session will discuss how to evaluate an open source solution, consider the costs of implementing open source, and introduce a variety of open source applications in use at Lancaster Theological Seminary.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will be able to identify appropriate open source solutions for their contexts, analyze the cost/benefit of open source solutions compared to proprietary solutions, and formulate a plan to implement an open source solution.

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